The Dreams Off Hold Program

Break away from old behaviors. Enroll in the Dreams Off Hold Program.

Have you written to-do lists?
Have you made resolutions and not kept them?
Have you said, as soon as I finish this project . . . Iím going to . . .?

In The Dreams Off Hold Program, you will internally Turn On.

Through our unique system of meditation and insight exercises, you will learn to identify your:

Dreams can be switched on. If your dream is not clear, we will help you clarify it.

Resources will be mobilized . . .even those you may not recognize. With our help youíll uncover your individual talents and direct them toward your dream.

Blocks can be dissolved. Youíll learn to navigate around your fears, old habits ówhateverís holding you back.

There are several sections to each 7-week collaborative program. We work in small groups and encourage networking between participants, as well as interaction directly with us.

In the seven-week program you will:

Effectively identify and use your resources
Get past the excuses for why you havenít made your dream come true
Build up the courage to let go of the past

Your future is up to you.

You have a say in steering the direction of your life.